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When Will My Bill Be Considered by the Governor?

Since the Legislature is in recess until the start of the next session, all of the intervening days are “legislative days”, meaning bills can still be introduced and acted on.  So even though session ended in June, they can introduce bills or act on them until December and can also return if they need to.  All bills that have passed both houses will need to be acted on by the Governor before they take effect.


The bill that is delivered to the Governor is the one that passed either the Senate or Assembly first.  Normally, bills should be delivered to the Governor within 45 days of passing both houses.  But due to the volume of bills passing in June, bills are sent over in batches to the Governor.  A reasonable number of bills are sent at a time so that the Governor can give consideration to all of the bills without being overwhelmed by all bills at the same time.  Once they are delivered to the Governor, he has 10 days to act on the bill (not including holidays or Sundays).  This process continues until December – before the start of the new session in January.  If he does not act on the bill within the 10 days (while the current session is still active), it goes into the “10 day rule” which means if he does not veto the bill, it is automatically law.


Any bills that are still active (the ones he has not signed or vetoed) when the new session starts, go into the “30 day rule”.  If these bills are not signed within 30 days, they are automatically vetoed, and he is not required to write a Veto Message explaining why he vetoed the bill.  This is also known as a Pocket Veto.

Bills are selected based on their effective date or level of importance.

Procurement Posts:

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Quarterly Projected Procurement Report for July 2017 – September 2017



Please be advised that a Cyber “Spoofing” Event directed at business entities has been reported to the NYS Office of Information Technology’s Cyber Security Bureau by the NYS OGS Procurement Services’ Customer Services Team.

Anyone receiving an email from the “OFFICE OF GENERAL SERVICE” & “info@ogs.ny.gov“, with the subject line of “RE: Docs” and signed by “Dr. Janet Putterman”  You should DELETE  the correspondence immediately!

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Office of General Services:

Electronic Application for Preferred Source Services There is a new preferred source services application.  To expedite review, OGS has developed an electronic application for price concurrence for the purchase of services from Preferred Sources that cost more than $50,000.  Effective July 01, 2017, all new applications must be submitted using this new electronic format.  OGS will accept applications in the old format until August 01, 2017 to allow purchasing agencies, preferred sources and the facilitating entities to complete existing applications that are in process.  The new application forms increase the purchasing agency’s involvement in the application process.  The new application, as well as an overview of the forms are available at: https://nyspro.ogs.ny.gov/content/buyingpreferred-source-0 under the General Resources menu.

OGS will conduct a training webinar on July 19, 2017 at 1pm to explain how to use the new application.  The webinar will be available at: https://meetny.webex.com/meetny/onstage/g.php?MTID=eb7f054bd10b6b42098959f347c88c9be.   The phone number for the conference is US Toll Free: 1-844-633-8697 or Local: 1-518-549-0500.  The event access code is: 641476323.

Any additional information on the webinar will be posted on the Preferred Source webpage: https://nyspro.ogs.ny.gov/content/buying-preferred-source-0.  The webinar will be recorded and available on the website noted above.  More here….




              John R. Addario, PE, Director

Code Enforcement Basic Training Schedule for July 2017 – December 2017

The Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes is pleased to announce

that the July 2017 – December 2017 BASIC TRAINING schedule has been posted to our website.  http://www.dos.ny.gov/DCEA/edu_train_overview.html

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