Legislative Services

State & Local Lobbying & Government Relations

From the Governor and his administration, to other statewide officeholders, state legislators and local elected and agency officials, our network of relationships includes leaders of all political persuasions as well as their key staff members. We help our clients plan and execute effective legislative lobby days and internal conferences as a component of our lobbying strategies.

Government Contract Procurement & Public Sector Business Development

Our expertise and network of relationships across state and local government agencies helps open doors to key decision-makers who oversee the awarding of contract bids, grants, and economic incentive packages. We successfully help create business synergies for our clients that are designed to expand their market penetration.

Grassroots Advocacy & Coalition Organization

By combining our grassroots advocacy expertise with our diverse practice specialty areas and vast network of relationships, The Vandervort Group, LLC can build and organize coalitions, harnessing the power of a united, multi-interest voice to provide compelling policy and political considerations that will influence policy-makers and achieve positive results.

Public Relations Strategy

We believe carefully constructed and executed public relations plans work hand in hand with our clients’ lobbying and government relations campaigns. Our team helps clients develop a public relations strategy to frame the issue, shape messages, and target key media outlets, opinion leaders, and influential constituencies.

Political Fundraising & PAC Administration

We help our clients to develop realistic fundraising goals to assist them in finding the most strategic approaches to their contributing. We also advise clients of state fundraising laws and provide administrative and reporting services for political action committees.

Association Management Consulting

We ensure that the necessary components of service excellence are established and given priority and adequate resources within the association. Our approach and advice help organizations to enhance their communications, membership strategies, and marketing tactics.