Procurement Services

The Vandervort Group, LLC has expertise in devising procurement strategies that go beyond identifying bid opportunities and guiding clients through the procurement process. What sets us apart from other procurement lobbyists is our unique ability to shape and develop strategies that improve our clients’ position in the marketplace using our contacts and proficiency with the Procurement Lobbying Law.

Government Contract Procurement

The Vandervort Group is your one-stop shop for your government and contract procurement needs. In addition to alerting you to bid opportunities, we can assist with meetings with agency personnel, establishing a need for your products or services among agencies, and responding to an RFP. We will work through unforeseen obstacles and better-position your firm among your competitors.

Public Sector Business Development:

We will open doors to the decision-makers, both mid- and high-level, to ensure that your offerings are brought to bear in the most appropriate manner.

Procurement Lobbying Compliance

The firm’s principals communicate the keep its clients updated on changes to the Procurement Lobbying Law to ensure that the laws are followed and understood. If there are portions of the law that are egregious, we will work to make meaningful changes to the law using our legislative contacts. We will also assist with reporting requirements with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Development of Best Practices

The firm can assist clients in developing a “Best Practices” approach to procurement lobbying. This ranges from trainings, developing a check list of questions to ask or questions to be avoided during a “Restricted Period”, enrolling in the on-line vendor responsibility program, documenting all communications throughout a procurement process, and ensuring proper reporting to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Bid Notifications to Debriefing

The firm presents clients with bid opportunities, helps build government marketing plans for agencies, and assists with every step of the procurement process beginning with reviewing and responding to an RFP and following through to the bid award. In the event that a client is not awarded a bid, the firm can assist in obtaining a debriefing so that the client will be better positioned to respond to a future RFP, or protesting a bid if necessary.